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Panel Accessories, Starters, Relays, Connectors, Switchgears, Fuse Gears, MCB, Change Over Switches

Computer Education, Software Development, Hardware Maintenance

Mutual Funds, Finance, Investmnets

Pumps, Motors, Generators, Medium & Low Voltage Switchgear, Relays and also Undertakes Turnkey.

Relays, Power Supply, Pressure And Temp Transmitter, Cooling Fans And Accessories For Automation Panels

Electrical Accessories, Switchgear, Wire And Cables, Fuses, M.C.B, Relays, Connectors, Terminals, Fuse Link, Fuse Base, E.L.C.B, D.B.S.

Heaters, Gas Geyser, Switchgears, Starters, Contactors, Relays, Timer, Meters, Motor, Pumps, CNC Machines, Chain Pulleys Blocks, Electric Hoist, Exhaust Fan, Air Circulators

Rectifiers, Diodes, Relays, Capacitor, Potentiometers, Switches, Relays, Connectors, Fuses, Solder Wire, Cutter, Stripper, Cooling Fan, Transistors, Indicators

Transformers, Motor, Busbar, Relays, Power Transformers, Bus-Bar Turnking System

Supplying Of Electrical Goods, Instrumation Cables, Capacitors, Luminiares, Fans, Starters, Switchgears, Contactors, Relays, Switches, Electrical Panel, Boards, Busducts


Silicon Diods, SCR, Heat Sink, Industrial Electronic Components, Bridges, Electrolytic Capacitor, Wire Wound Resisters, Relays, Solder Wire

Contactors, Relays, Timer, Distribution Board,, Lamps, Power Capacitor, Current Transformers, Luminaries

Industrial Electricals, Electronic Components, Capacitor, Integrated Circuit, Diodes, Transistors, Relays, Solder Wire, Switches, S.M.D.Components, Cynergy 3 Components

Relays, Pipes, Cable Joining Kit, Meters, Rotary Switches, Temprature Controllers, AC Drives, Panel Accessories, Fuses, Power Capacitor, Street Light

Engineering Tools, Welding Rods, Grinding Wheels, Drills, HSS Blades, Bearings, Relays, Tools, Chain Pulley Blocks, Electrical And Hardware Items

All Types Of Heaters , MCC, APFC Control Panel, Dryers, Electrical Air Circulation Oven, Thermocouples, Temperature Controllers, Static Charger Eleminator
Syntron Controls

Automatic Power Factor Controllers, Digital Voltmeters, Ammeters, Power Factor Meters, Frequency Met

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