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Manufacturer Of All Type Of Industrial Filter.

Mfg. Of Non Metalic Centrifugal Pumps, Metallic Centrifugal Pumps, AODD Pumps, Strainers.

Mfg. of M.S., S.S., Brass, Strainer, Cable Guard, Washer, Copper Ring, Submersible Pump & All Type of Press Cutting Parts.

All Type of C.I., S.S., M.S. Industrial Valve, Self Lubricating Plug Valve, Strainer & Gland Cock.

Valves And Cocks,Strainers,Casting - Ferrous And Non - Ferrous

Mfg. And Suppliers Of Industrial Valves, Gate, Globe, NRV, Ball Strainers


Ball Valve, Pad Sight Glass, Basket Strainer, Globe Valve3, Glass Tube Type, y- Strainer, Belt Convgyor

Rotary Joints, Steam Traps, Strainers, Sight Glasses, Disc check Valves, Air Vents, compressed Air Auto Drain Traps, Rotor Seals, Moisture Separators, Flexible Hoses, Carbon Graphite Components

Mfg. Of. Industrial Valves, Strainers, Gate, Ball, Pulp, Globe, Check, Butterfly, Diaphragm, Gear Operated Valves

Mff all type of valves,strainer,wafer check valve,gland valve

Mfg Ofc.s.,s.s.,f.s.,a.s.,gate Valve,glob Valve,straoners,ball Valves

Mfg Of S.S. Strainer For Submersible Pumps & Filters.

Cartridge Filters, Bag Filters, Industrial Filters, Domestic Filters, Strainers, Filter Housing

Mfg. Of Copper Ring, Brass Washer And Strainers For Submersible Pumps

Mfg. Of Novet Valves, All Types Of Valves

Mfg. & Exporters Of Industrial And Civil Valves Like Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly Valves And Strainers

Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Butterfly Valves, Strainers, Needle Valves, Diaphragm, Globe Valves, Water Check Valves

Mfg. Of Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Butterfly Vales And Strainers

Ball Valves, Globe Valves, Butterfly Valves, Basket Strainer, Y Type Strainer, Conduit Gate Valves, Needle Valves, Dual Plate Check Valves, Single Disc Check Valves, And Precision Job Work

Mfg. Of Wide Range Of Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Strainers

Mfg Of Industrial Valves

Mfg Of Industrial Vavles, Gate Valve, Swing Check Valve, Forged Steel Gate Valve,asa Globe Valve

Mfg. Of Valves, Investment Casting, Ball Valves, Check, Butterfly Valves, Strainers

Mfg. Of Industrial Valves, Ball,Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Strainers

Filteration Plant, Reverse Osmosis Plant, Demineral Plant

Fluid Air Filtration Technology

Industrial Filters, Filteration Equipments

Air Equipment & Systems (I) Pvt.Ltd.

Air Compressor Spares, Air Compressors (LUB / Non LUB), After Coolers, Moisture Separators, Air Rece

Konark Filters Pvt.Ltd.



filter presses, filter press

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